Microsoft 365 Education and Recent Global Rankings of Universities

Microsoft 365 Education Positive Impact

We are looking at the positive impact of Microsoft 365 Education in the recent Global Rankings of Universities, especially as it affects African Continent.
The top 6 African Universities in the world Ranking of Universities and their position are:
1. University of Cape Town – South Africa 191
2. Stellenbosch University – South Africa 361
3. University of the Witwatersrand – South Africa 364
4. America University in Cairo – Egypt 365
5. Cairo University – Egypt 481
6. University of KwaZulu-Natal – South Africa 701

It’s not a good commentary to note that only 2 African Countries could produce world class University (South Africa and Egypt)!
The top criterial for the ranking are:
1. Innovation
2. Teaching
3. Employability
Are these criterial lacking in African Countries? The answer may not be Yes, but they are likely outdated.
We need to catch up with the rest of the world, so that our children will not end up serving their colleagues in the other parts of the world or their African colleague who were able to study outside their continent.
It is time to stamp out the unpleasant phrase “Fresh Graduates are unemployable” from our educational system. How do we do that? Simply by toeing the path of greatness chart and followed by the top countries of the world. Right education has always been the pathfinder to greater success.
Technology is an essential aid to right education. This is where Microsoft 365 Education becomes vital to the development of Education in our dear African continent.

The contents, in no doubt, addressed both the needs of industries today and the 3-major criterial listed above for University ranking among others. Let’s look at just two items from the contents for now; Windows 10 and Office 365.

Windows 10 & Office 365

Windows 10 is a member of Windows Operating System, about 90% of world computers today are driven by Windows operating System (Desktops, Laptops, Server etc.) This is a platform on which other software are installed for smooth operational processes in the business world.
Microsoft Office 365 on the other hand is a very crucial software in use by most businesses of the world for various business operations; on Computers, Tablets and Smart Phones. It makes business processes available anywhere!
The combination of these two items forms the main working tools, on your Computer, Tablets and Smart phones.
This programme is a major INNOVATION in Educational System, and the graduates of your institution will be highly EMPLOYABLE in todays’ and future business climate. It’s important to also note that the various tools in the package will make TEACHING very effective and interesting.