Office 365 A1 – No cost

Office 365 A1 – No cost

  • Office 365 A1 – No cost
  • Office Online
  • Exchange Online
  • SharePoint Online
  • Skype for Business Online
  • Office 365 apps: Sway, Forms, Teams etc.
  • Azure Active Directory Basic for Education

Microsoft 365 A1 FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
How is Microsoft 365 A1 priced and licensed?

This comprehensive education solution costs just $30 (ERP) per Windows laptop or 2-in-1. It is licensed for multiple users on a single device so it is a great solution for carts, labs and classrooms that share devices across students. Per the Microsoft Product Terms, the term of Microsoft 365 A1 (per device) is six years from the date of order. There is no differentiated Faculty or Student pricing.

How do I assign user licenses for Microsoft 365 A1 (per device)?

Assigning licenses has been streamlined with Microsoft 365 A1 (per device). With Intune for Education, the licenses are tied to the device so there is no user assignment necessary. With Office 365 A1 the licenses are tied to the user. The administrator assigns the licenses to individual users (Faculty or Student) in the Office 365 admin portal or Partner Center.
If a customer has more users than designated in the order for Office 365 A1, they can add ‘Unlimited’ Office 365 A1 users in the Office 365 admin portal — no additional orders or partner involvement is necessary.

Why is Microsoft 365 A1 showing up on the CSP Price List as a monthly price instead of a one-time charge?

CSP displays a monthly price on the Price List but will result in a one-time charge on the Invoice. Even though Microsoft 365 A1 is designated as ‘annual’ in CSP, it is set up with ‘one-time billing’ so it will not show up on subsequent invoices.
Does Microsoft 365 A1 give rights to upgrade a school device from Windows Home to Windows 10 Education?
No. Microsoft 365 A1 does not give the right to upgrade from one Windows edition to a different edition. However, Microsoft 365 A1 may be licensed for existing devices licensed with Windows 7 Pro or later. With Microsoft 365 A1, customers will need to upgrade, at no extra cost, to Windows 10 Pro Education from Windows 7 or 8 Professional to use Intune for Education.


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