Windows 10 for Education

Windows 10 for Education

Windows 10 helps students and educators do great things

• Better learning outcomes
• Affordable devices & solutions
• Safety and security
• Simpler to deploy and manage


Familiar experience

• Easy for students and teachers
• One experience, one platform, one Windows

Productivity built right in

• Multi-task with multi-doing
• Virtual desktops for organization

Microsoft Edge

• Built for the modern web
• Write directly on the web
• Built in reading view

Inking built for thinking

  • Great digital pen and ink experiences
  • Pen and Ink
  • Ink workspace
  • Simultaneous pen and touch
Microsoft Edge

  • Extensions

Secure assessments

• “Take a Test” lockdown app
• Formative/summative assessment “lock down”
• Simplified high-stakes set up

Experiential learning

  • Maker capabilities
  • Adafruit, Raspberry Pi

And many more…………………………….


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